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The 3 selected accomodations on this page have been visited and are a perfect choice for a stay in Paris in the vicinity of the most famous avenue in the world - The Champs Elysees : Please read our boutique hotels reviews.


Boutique hotels near Champs Elysees

Looking for a nice place to stay close to the Champs Elysees ? Here is a short list of boutique hotels for a perfect stay in the vicinity of the most famous avenue in the world. These are 4 stars hotels however visitors are given a large choice of good value accommodations in this area. Please note that it is wise to book your stay in advance as no street in Paris is more well known than the Champs Elysees avenue : It is both a leisure and business district and many corporates have their headquarter in the neighbourhood.

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Duret Hotel Paris
A charming boutique hotel on the Grande Armee Avenue - Soft design ...  A nice place to stay

Duret design hotel

Francois 1er Hotel
Situated in the heart of the famous Golden Triangle district a discreet but elegant 4 star hotel.

Francois 1er boutique hotel in Paris

Pershing Hall design hotel
a charming 19th century property which combines the elegance and refinement of the past

Pershing Hall design hotel

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Review of good value accommodations : Champs Elysees charming boutique hotel

Champs Elysees : The Champs Elysees is the most visited street of Paris ... The large avenue spread from the Place de la Concorde to the Arch of Triumph. Other charming hotels in the area include : Ampere Hotel, Eugenie Villa, Waldorf Trocadero, Claridge Bellman Hotel, Marignan Hotel, Raphael hotel, De Vigny Hotel, Vernet Hotel, Saint James, Melia Alexander Boutique Hotel ... And many more...