Photo of Louvre Museum : The pyramid built by Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei

Alike most of the new concept the glass pyramid was not very popular at start : Many parisians were reluctant to see the old courtyard transformed at this point. But a few years later most of them consider it as a true part of the Museum.

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Picture of Louvre Museum Pyramid

Since 1989, when it was inaugurated, the Pyramid has dominated the Cour Napoléon. Designed by the Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei as the main entrance to the museum, its transparent steel and glass framework allows visitors to admire the palace facades from the lobby beneath. One of the best place to visit when coming Paris. Don't forget to take a cup of coffee at Marly Cafe facing the pyramid hidden in the Richelieu aisle.


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Richelieu aisle - Pyramid

Photo date : 5 Mar 2006


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Photo of Louvre museum glass pyramid

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Louvre museum pyramid photo

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