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See the very best of Paris : Please find herewith Eiffel Tower pictures and Informations about it : History and Key figures - Welcome to the Eiffel Tower photos Gallery : Pictures from the ground, the first and second floor, the view from the top of the tower, and the stairs...

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Eiffel Tower Pictures

The plan to build a tower 300 metres high was conceived as part of preparations for the World's Fair of 1889. With 2 million visitors the first year and almost 6 million people a year today, the Eiffel Tower is a real crowd pleaser. At the crossroads of the entire world, more than 200 million visitors have come since its construction. It's not surprising when you consider the Eiffel Tower is the monument that best symbolizes Europe. It's also the one tourists prefer... logic as it is by far the best possible view over Paris - It worth well a visit.

Eiffel Tower Pictures

Take the stairs

Don't queue for the elevator

Eiffel Tower iron works

Amazing iron structure

View from second floor

A spendid view...

Trocadero golden statues

Winter light at Trocadero

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Eiffel Tower

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Photos of the Eiffel Tower

Pictures of the view from the First and second floor

Gustave Eiffel

Eiffel Tower arcade

Not to be missed when visiting the Eiffel Tower : On the ground : All visits begin at the ground floor entrances. - On the first floor : A vast level offering exhibits and displays, as well as shopping and dining - On the second floor : From here all your photos of Paris will be wonderful. - At the top : A spectacular ascension to the heights towering over Paris. - At night : Illumination and beacon - The guardian of Paris in golden apparel. Official website : Eiffel Tower.

Pictures of Eiffel Tower on this website : Eiffel Tower from ground :: Gustave Eiffel :: Golden statue at Trocadero :: View from the top :: Eiffel Tower stairs

A good hint for your visit to Eiffel Tower : About 7 millions people visit the place every year... Elevators are often very crowded and you may have to queue for hours before getting a ticket... If you have no vertigo and if you are fit enough take the stairs ! Very few non parisian know about it but stairs access is open between the elevator tickets counters - It takes 7 to 10 minutes to reach the first floor and another 7 minutes to reach the second floor.