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The 3 selected hotels on this page have been visited and are a perfect choice for a stay in Paris in Eiffel Tower vicinity : Please check our Eiffel Tower hotels reviews.


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We have selected hotels in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower - We have visited all the hotels presented on this site and we met the owners ... Most of them are independent boutique hotels - As they certainly better reflect the Parisian way of life - 3 hotels have been selected in Eiffel Tower Area. The fact that they are very close to the Eiffel Tower doesn't mean that all of them offer a unique view of the tower... but all of them are charming hotels.

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Our Eiffel Tower Hotels Selection

Marquis Hotel Paris
A charming 4 star hotel offering an elegant and artistic decor.

Marquis Hotel Paris

Walt Hotel Paris
A true 4 star boutique hotel located on the Motte Piquet avenue

Walt Hotel Paris

Duquesne Eiffel Hotel Paris
A 3 star boutique hotel with a few rooms splendid view of Eiffel Tower

Duquesne Eiffel Hotel Paris

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Other accommodations in the vicinity include :  Bailli de suffren hotel, Ideal hotel, Yllen eiffel hotel, Mercure tour eiffel hotel, Delos vaugirard hotel, Saint Dominique hotel, Bac Saint-Germain hotel, Splendid hotel, Duquesne eiffel hotel, Prince hotel, Alma hotel...