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We have selected our prefered tours in Paris including a visit or a dinner at the Eiffel Tower - See our reviews and information about it.

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You Plan to come to Paris ? Well ... If it is your first time in the city - Eiffel tower is of course a must. You can climb it in the afternoon to see the beautiful view from the first or second floor... We prefer the stairs but an elevator is available (price varies from 4 to 11€ pp depending on the floor and the way you go there) - We have selected a few tours of interest including either an Eiffel Tower visit or an Eiffel Tower dinner ... Please note that the Jules Verne Restaurant is not included in the tours.

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Eiffel Tower dinner and Cruise
Dinner at Altitude 95 restaurant and then go for a romantic night cruise

Eiffel Tower Dinner and Cruise

Eiffel Tower dinner + Moulin Rouge
Dinner at Altitude 95 restaurant and then the Moulin Rouge show

Eiffel Tower Dinner and Moulin Rouge Show

Eiffel Tower Restaurants
Reviews of the two restaurants nestled in the iron works of the tower

Eiffel Tower Restaurants

Eiffel Tower History

Picture of the Tower from the Champs de Mars

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Eiffel Tower Tours

Eiffel Tower Restaurants

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Eiffel Tower

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Orsay Museum

View of the Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower guided tours - visit reviews

See the best of Paris during your stay... Here is our selection of places to see or places to eat and things to do in Eiffel Tower area. A nice thing to do in Paris is to combine a dinner at the first floor and the Moulin Rouge Show : In decor reminiscent of an airship moored above Paris, you will dine at the Altitude 95 restaurant on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower. The large bay windows of the restaurant look out over the Seine and the Trocadéro to one side and the interior of the Tower to the other. This tour has been created as an introduction to the Eiffel Tower, Altitude 95 is a "tourist style" restaurant and seats 200 guests. There is no choice of dinner menu. Next it's off to the Moulin Rouge Paris! Discover "Ferrie", the new Moulin Rouge review in pure music-hall tradition.