Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower take the stairs to the second floor and then take the elevator to the top to take pictures - photos of the best view of Paris

Since May 26, 1889, when an elevator was made available to Tower visitors. All of the elevators were in working order as of the following June 16... These are still in place and still working however we recommend you to climb the stairs - See our picture.

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Picture of the stairs of the Eiffel tower

When visiting the Tower visitors are given two choices : Stairs or elevators...  We recommend you to climb the stairs - A great experience ! And a great advantage : You don't queue... It is very safe and there is no risk of falling however it shouldn't be recommended to persons subject to Vertigo. How many stairs ? 1665 from the ground to the top via the east pillar. However, the steps from the second floor to the top are closed to the public. If you still want to take the elevators : With two elevators in service, meaning one hundred round trips per day, approximately one every 8 minutes.

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Eiffel Tower from the park

Summer at Champs de Mars

Statue & Tower

Picture taken at Trocadero

Second Floor

Easy to access by the stairs

Photo : view from the top

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Forget the elevators take the stairs - Photo ® Guillaume Duchene

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Photo : Climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower

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Climb the Eiffel Tower (Extract from the official website) : Can we take the stairs to the very top ? No ... The stairs are open to the public and go up to the second floor (115 meters) : Three elevators (north, west and east pillars) go up to the first and second floors. Only one or two will be in service on any given day due to maintenance and security reasons. To reach the top of the Tower (276 meters), visitors must take another elevator from the second floor. During the peak visitor seasons, be forewarned that the wait may be consequential.