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These two featured restaurants are not located on the avenue itself but very close - The Boeuf sur le toit is a renowned brasserie and the Maison Blanche is a gourmet table located on the prestigious Montaigne Avenue... but there are many other places to eat - Also consider our tours selection including a dinner on the Champs Elysees.

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Where to eat on the Champs Elysees : Restaurants guide - reviews

See our selection of restaurants - places to eat in the area - The Champs Elysees avenue is very popular and is a romantic place to dine ... Many good tables are nestling in the surrounding  streets : Trendy places to eat like La Maison Blanche, Le Man Ray or Pershing Hall (with a unique vertical garden) - Gourmet restaurants like Plaza Athenee or Spoon - Brasseries or bistros like Boeuf sur le toit... A very eclectic and large choice for a romantic dinner or a lunch.


Maison Blanche restaurant

Maison blanche restaurant

Pourcel brothers are the chefs of the place : A gourmet design restaurant in Paris. A place to see and a place to be seen in Paris. A true romantic hip place to eat. Phone : 33 (0)1 47 23 55 99

Boeuf sur le toit - Paris

Boeuf sur le toit brasserie

At the Boeuf sur le toit restaurant people meet for a quick lunch at the bar or to take time out to savor a seafood platter amongst friends on the mezzanine. A mere stone's throw from the most beautiful avenue in the world - Phone : 33 (0)1 53 93 65 55


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Champs Elysees restaurant reviews - where to eat - dine

You plan a trip to Paris and you want to know more about the finest tables of the city either for lunch or dinner ? Please visit our partner website (See above)  - It has listed and reviewed the best restaurants in the heart of the city of lights. The best of cuisine has of course no frontier and you will find restaurants of exception in many capital in the world. However Paris offers an exceptional concentration and diversity of restaurants... This page is dedicated to the places to eat in Champs Elysees - Arch of Triumph district