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The historical heart of Paris is located where is set Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral on the "Cité Island" The "Cite Island" and the "Saint Louis Island" a stone's throw away are occupied by elegant old private mansion and townhouses of the 17th and 18th centuries. This is the place where you can see the open-air bookstalls and the historic bridges that span the river...


History of Paris from 50 BC to 500 AC

Paris was occupied by a Gallic tribes until the Romans arrived in 52 BC leaded by their general : Cesar. After its rapid conquest... the city was named : Lutecia. Just a few decades later the city had spread to the left bank of the Seine, now known as the Latin Quarter, and had been renamed "Paris" Roman kept the city under their control during 500 years. Paris became rich and grew rapidely during this period thanks to trade with other countries and cities around... In 508 Clovis the Frank took the control of Paris and made it the capital of Merovingian dynasty.

History of Paris from 500 AC to 1500 AC

The Viking invasions during the 800s forced the Parisians to better protect paris they build a fortress on the Ile de la Cité. During the 11th century the city spread to the Right Bank and the 12th and 13th centuries saw a notable growth of Paris under the rein of philip Augustus. The Louvre first stones where set as well as Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris city became one of the leading european trading and intellectual centre. 14th and 15th centuries were difficult with the terrible black death epidemies and long period of war with the English. Next 500 years of Paris history

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