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Orsay Museum counts many major works of Auguste Rodin - You can admire marble and bronze statues - sculptures on the first floor - Terrasse of sculptors.

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Orsay Museum :: Age of Bronze by Auguste Rodin


Age of Bronze - Auguste Rodin

This statue of Auguste Rodin The Age of Bronze was poorly received in 1877 - Modelled by a Belgian soldier, the figure drew inspiration from Michelangelo's Dying Slave, which Rodin had observed at the Louvre. Because of the exceptional mastery of the sculptor many art critics accused Auguste Rodin of surmoulage. This was a very hard to accept for Rodin. "My figure was considered to be so fine by everyone, and now they insist on saying it was modelled from life (...). I am demoralized, I am exhausted, ...", he wrote to his wife Rose Beuret in spring 1877


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Age of Bronze by Auguste Rodin ® Guillaume Duchene

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Age of bronze statue - sculpture by Auguste Rodin

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Auguste Rodin masterpieces : Gate of Hell,  Adam and Eve, The Thinker, La Belle Heaulmière, The Burghers of Calais, Balzac, Victor Hugo. Rodin is also known for his drawings, his many fine portrait busts, and his figures and groups in marble, such as Ugolino, Danaïd , The Kiss, The Hand of God, Pygmalion and Galatea and The Bather...