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Camille Claudel met Auguste Rodin in 1883 and entered his studio the following year... She soon became more than a talented student - a mistress - source of inspiration

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Camille Claudel sculpture : L'Age Mur (the Age of Maturity)

Camille Claudel (1864-1943) decided very soon to become a sculptor, and in 1881 she took up residence in Paris, confident in her destiny. She met Auguste Rodin in 1883 and became his mistress. The two artists had a strong passionate mutual influence ; her Jeune Fille à la Gerbe of 1887 was a precursor of Rodin’s Galatea, and the Three Female Fauns are the inspiration for the female’ figures in Camille Claudel’s La Vague. Here is a picture of one of its most famous work : The Age of Maturity (1895) - L'Age Mur in French. First floor - sculptures terrasse on the left side.


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Detail of Age of Maturity by Camille Claudel ® Guillaume Duchene

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Camille Claudel - Picture of Age of Maturity - Orsay Museum

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Camille Claudel life history and masterpieces

For details about the life & creations of Camille Claudel and her love with Auguste Rodin please visit the site of Rodin Museum (A place not to be missed in) : Portrait and life and work of Camille Claudel by Jacques Vilain - Extract from the work Rodin - Le musée et ses collections, published by Scala, Paris, 1996
Camille Claudel Masterpieces : La Valse in 1892, taken up again in 1895 and produced in a large edition by Eugène Blot after 1905 ; Clotho in 1895 ; the various versions of the La Petite Châtelaine ; started in 1893, or L’Age mur in 1895, taken up again in 1898 and 1907,  Les Causeuses, 1897 , and La Vague.