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Pompom was searching for new stylized shapes, based on the monumental serenity of classical sculpture and focused its work on animal figures - Photo of the Ice Bear

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Orsay Museum :: White polar ice bear - Francois Pompom


White polar ice bear (Ours Blanc) by Francois Pompom

Francois Pompom is a French sculptor - he was a student of Rodin. It is famous for his stylized animal figures. The Ice Bear is the scuplture that made him famous but he had to wait the age of 67 before he gets his final breakthrough with the exhibition of l’Ours Blanc (White Polar - Ice Bear) in plaster at the Salon des Artistes Français. Successful exhibitions follow in Tokyo and Osaka and the ice bear, which had become famous by then, is produced in marble (The one you can see at Orsay Museum at first floor on the right side - See picture).


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White Polar Bear sculpture - Francois Pompom - Orsay Museum

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Photo of the white polar bear sculpture - Ours Blanc - by Francois Pompom

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Orsay Museum counts many sculptures - You can admire masterpieces of Rodin, Camille Claudel, Bourdelle, Pompom and many more - Here is a picture of The Ice Bear by Francois Pompom. See the very best of Paris - unique pictures gallery of Paris - Photos.