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We have selected our prefered tours in Paris including a visit or a dinner at the Moulin Rouge Cabaret or a montmartre visit - See our reviews and information about it.

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You plan to come to Paris ? Many Paris tours are available to online booking. Montmartre is one of the most famous place in the city of lights : The place du tertre is a gathering place for many tourists. We have selected a few tours of interest including either Moulin Rouge Cabaret or Montmartre tour ... More details about Moulin Rouge please refer to official website

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Moulin Rouge dinner and show
No need to present the most famous show in Paris - The Moulin Rouge deserves its reputation

Moulin Rouge Dinner Show

Eiffel Tower dinner + Moulin Rouge
Dinner at Altitude 95 restaurant and then the Moulin Rouge show

Eiffel Tower Dinner and Moulin Rouge Show

Paris by night + Moulin Rouge
See the city of lights before Moulin Rouge show

Paris by night and Moulin Rouge Show

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Moulin Rouge Montmartre Tours in Paris

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