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We have selected two restaurants but Montmartre hill counts a lot more. So walk through the tiny cobbled streets and find the right table for your dinner or lunch. It should'nt be very long.


Montmartre Restaurants

See our selection of Restaurants in the area - Montmartre is a very popular place where it shouldn't be difficult to find restaurants ... however many of them are not real good tables. We selected two of them but take time to walk and to find the table you want.


A la bonne Franquette Bistro

A la bonne franquette Bistro

A famous bistro on the hill just steps away from Place du tertre and Sacre Coeur - A typical parisian bistro. A "tourist" restaurant proposing a correct value for money on the hill (quite rare)

Moulin de la Galette Restaurant

Moulin de la Galette Restaurant

Our favorite in the area - A nice table either for lunch or dinner - A refreshing little garden for the summer - A good but famous table - reservation is required.


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