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The Bonne Franquette restaurant is one of the most famous bistros in Paris.  A piece of Paris history was written there : Aristide Bruant was a client of the place.

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A la Bonne Franquette Restaurant : place to eat in Montmartre

A famous bistro on the hill just steps away from Place du tertre and Sacre Coeur - A typical parisian bistro. A "tourist" restaurant proposing a correct value for money on the hill (quite rare). Famous figures have sat around the wooden Parisian bistro bar, such as Aristide Bruant and Yvette Guilbert. Then you can stroll round the Place du Tertre and admire Paris from the steps of the Basilica. A popular Restaurant on the top of the hill.

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Sunset on the Sacre Coeur

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Sacre Coeur Basilica Front

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Bonne Franquette restaurant

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Moulin Rouge at night

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


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Photo of the Iron painted restaurant bord : A La Bonne Franquette

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Photo of Bistro in Montmartre : A La Bonne Franquette

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