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Sacre Coeur is Basilica is setting on the top of Montmartre Hill - Dominating the Right Bank. It is with Eiffel Tower one of the best view over Paris

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Photo of Montmartre : Sunset at Sacre Coeur

The 19th-century church was designed by architect Paul Abadie (who died in 1884, when only the foundations had been laid) in a Romano-Byzantine architectural style. Inside the mosaic of Christ in Majesty in the apse is sied to be one of the world's largest. Places to see close to Sacred Heart include of course the famous Place du Tertre meters away and the Vineyards - Unique in Paris - just behind the church. A very romantic place indeed... a little crowded during week-ends.

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Sunset on the Sacre Coeur

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Sacre Coeur Basilica Front

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Bonne Franquette restaurant

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


Moulin Rouge at night

Photo date : 9 Dec 2005


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Photo of the front of Sacre Coeur - Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris

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Picture of Sacre Coeur at sunset - Montmartre Paris

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